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While there are internet sites selling real Japanese swords, that is swords made in Japan by traditional methods (the only way swords can legally be made in Japan), the plethora of sites that claim to have real Japanese swords are selling Chinese or other made reproductions.
These are not Japanese swords and are made with a variety of methods, some good and some, to use a Japanese expression, I like not so much. All have one flaw. They are not Japanese swords, they do not carry the same history and culture, and certainly could never be imported to, sold, or papered/recognized by the Japanese sword societies such as the NBTHK.

In short, while most of these swords are really inexpensive ($75-$1,000), you are buying a fake.
That said, there are a number of them that are perfectly acceptable to use for everyday iaido training including tameshigiri, and some are excellent cutters (there is a lot to be said for modern steel chemistry).

On this site all the pieces offered are genuine Japanese made pieces. Prices will reflect this and while there are some pieces that I consider “less expensive”, most are a considerable investment.

While I like to buy, sell, and collect swords and have done so for a number of years, I consider myself still a novice and continue to learn daily. I have some great and very knowledgeable teachers in Japan and the U.S. My goal is to provide my customers with enough detail and information to make a sound decision. Hopefully this results in them finding a sword, wakizashi, or tanto (from me or elsewhere) that they will be happy with and keep for their personal use or collection, or use for learning, as a stepping stone to a better piece.

Latest News

2019 started with the Santa Barbara Historic Arms and Blade Show.  A smaller show but lots of good items to be had.  This was my first time at this show and was pleased to be able to sell several pieces to some knowledgeable buyers.
Next up is the Tampa show the beginning of March.  I'll be flying back this year so will be limited as to the pieces I bring.  I will be submitting several pieces to the NTHK shinsa being held concurrent with the show. 

Latest Katana

I've added several new pieces including a nice NBTHK Hozon papered katana in full samegawa koshirae (see #15-17) and a katana signed Kiyoshige from 2nd year Kanbun, 1662 (see #15-20).

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