06-04 Hiramatsu Dannji (Jumeitou)

06-04 Hiramatsu Dannji (Jumeitou)

Nagasa: 67 cm. / 26.4”

Sori 1.0 cm. / 0.4”

Motomihaba: cm. /  in.   Sakimihaba:  cm. / in.

Motokasane:  cm.  /  in. Sakikasane:  cm. /  in.

Hiramatsu Dannji  was born and lived near Osaka.  Was an official sword smith of the Imperial Army receiving prizes 7 times.

The saya is new but done in older stripped pattern, tsuka is new, and tsuba is a nice older Edo piece with silver inlay.

Asking Price: $5,000