06-06 Koto - Mumei

06-06 Koto - Mumei

Nagasa: 68.5 cm. / 27.0 in.

Sori: 1.0 cm. / 0.4 in.

Motomihaba: cm. /  in.   Sakimihaba:  cm. / in.

Motokasane:  cm.  /  in. Sakikasane:  cm. /  in.

Mekugi-ana: 1

Description: This is a nice mumei koto piece with an early Edo period scalloped style tsuba.  The silver habaki is a little unique with a large hole.  It has a chu-kissaki, and osuriage nakago.  Hamon is gunome with itame hada.

Saya and tsuka are new made.

Asking Price: SOLD